Monday, 12 August 2013

2690 Sq.ft Courtyard Traditional Indian Home Design

 Traditional Home Plans - THP 8002

Traditional Home Plan - THP 8002

This 2690 Sq.ft. house encloses a most sought after courtyard space within its limits which can be viewed from the minute you enter the verandah of the house. The verandah also has more than enough space for having those long evening talks or lunch meets along the inbuilt seating created at the wall. To the left of the courtyard is the formal living room and to the left is the master bedroom space. The master bedroom also has an attached bathroom to itself for convenience.

Further when we look into the layout we will notice the open kitchen which can easily serve food for the open dining space which also overlooks the central courtyard area and the entrance verandah. Moving towards the further end of the house we will encounter two more bedrooms which share a common bathroom amongst each other. These rooms can be used for children or for guests.

The house is quite spacious to accommodate a family of 6 or more, but the most advantageous feature of the house is the large semi-open verandah along with the central green courtyard space. Most of the daily life activities of any large family can easily be carried out in this house with comfort and ease.

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