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How much is an Architects fee for doing House Planning in India

An architect is a professional who has invested years of practice and learning to create spaces which are optimal for use, functional in nature and aesthetically appealing. An Architects fee varies from project to project but for residential project it ranges from anything between Rs. 40 per Sq.ft. to Rs. 180 per Sq.ft. for doing Concept Design.
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Mumbai Architect Designed Hosue Planning and Architecture - 2017 Pricing from

We at Architects) have been providing online architectural design consultancy for last 5 years and now we are purely focusing on providing our clients with efficient design consultancy for custom house plans and design. Our Consultancy fee is divided into two sections:
Section A - Conceptual Architectural Design
Fee - starting at Rs. 1,25,000/- inclusive of taxes. No of Drawings - 15 No. Delivered Drawings include - Floor Plans (2 No), Sections, Elevations, External 3D View of the House along with Area Statement Time Frame - 20 to 30 Days Revisions - Four Revisions to floor plan designs and any other modifications. Additional drawings are charged seperately Sample Drawings - Check the Sample Drawings Page on our Website to see the quality of drawings that you can expect at the end of the process.
Drawings included:
1. Area Statement 2. Site Layout Drawing 3. Floor Plans - Ground Floor, First Floor, etc 4. Roof Plan 5. Sections - 1 No. 6. External Elevations - 4 No. 7. 3D Vie…

Importance of Passive Design for House Design and Construction in India

Passive design is inspired by climate, framed by the environment and built for comfort. In an ecologically diverse environment such as India, there is no one size fits all approach to passive design in both residential and commercial properties. Depending on your location in India, your passive design needs will be influenced by hot dry conditions, wet and humid conditions and cold and damp conditions.
Architectural forefathers understood the challenges of adapting home to climate in India. For warmer climates in India, a traditional way of cooling was with stepped wells, a pond dug into the ground or surrounded by walls above ground allowing the air to be-cooled by evaporating water in an enclosed, shaded zone. This innovative technique stood the test of time, providing cooling techniques in larger homes in India for generations. 
At Homes Plan India, we continue this innovative legacy with the same goal: to design buildings that place paramount importance to its occupants’ comfort. Ou…

Why Outdoor living spaces are as crucial as the interior spaces when designing a new house plan

House planning is about creating an overall design that successfully uses the entire plot. When designing a new house it is absolutely vital that the outdoor space is considered in co-relation to the interior spaces of the house. Internal space planning is certainly important, but the outdoor space should not be compromised. They should complement each other and the outdoor space should be designed so as it feels just like stepping out into another room and is an extension to the interior space. Outdoor living spaces provide breathing room for the plot and frame it with which the rest of the design can sit. Critically, they are the key entertainment and living spaces and should be designed to fit the requirements of the rest of the building.
Thinking about the design of the outdoor living space should take place at the same time as the rest of the house is designed - at the beginning. If it is designed as an afterthought then it is likely that it will not fit with the rest of the desi…

Smart move in 2016 – Buy house plans on-line ​or get quality architect design on-line from anywhere in India.

Are you tired of renting an apartment and you're thinking of owning your own house? Do you want to do some renovations in your house? Do you have your own plot on which you're planning to build your own house? However, you may ask, "How am I going to start?" "Whom should I ask?" "Should I just do this on my own without consulting a professional?" “Will it be wise to hire a professional architect for the job or they will be expensive?” These are some of the questions that you may consider when you start thinking about building your own house. Further reading will help you understand the right steps that you need to take in this matter.

Are you considering to just buy any house plan for your desired home? Or you are thinking about consulting an Architect? Now, anyone can design a house with today's technology. However, a decent house plan isn't enough. There are a lot of factors to consider. A simple construction is much more than just house…


Many house developers have been in dilemma over the choice between one-floor house plans and multiple-floor house plans. It always seems like a good idea to have two or three floor house plan for a family as there are extra rooms which in case of guests and children can work as Guest Bedroom, Study, Kids Play Area, Puja room, etc. But a very common observation has been there that a more area and space is always welcome at the beginning of house construction, but over the years when the family starts living and using the space that there are lots to maintain and deal with, which in turn is waste of initial capital investment. Rather conserve funds for the overall maintenance of the house over period of time. With this article we would like to raise few reasons which we feel can explain why it is preferable to choose one-floor house plans.

Home owners who are elderly favours one-floor housing plans because these plans have no stairs inside the house. This means that they ca…

How to get your house designed while keeping the budget in check.

In current times, it has become increasingly difficult for people to build their house, particularly for people on a tight budget. Based on our experience in building homes, this dilemma is not necessarily due to the ever increasing price of raw materials and labour, but may arise from something as simple as not having a proper house planning from the get-go.
There is certainly no infallible method of making a house on a budget. Most methods are probably good ones, as millions of people have built millions of homes, based on their own idiosyncrasies. But since it is the most important buy for the family, the construction of a house must always be preceded with reflection of the most serious magnitude. Decisions should be carried out on a bedrock of information gathering that paints a complete and concrete picture of your new home. Remember, there is no turning back once the plan has been handed over to the contractor. 
Before finding a cost effective plan for your home, it is important …