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Terrace Garden Landscaping Design

​Adding up extended living space to a house can be quite interesting if you have even mild interest in plants, herbs, shrubs, flowering plants, etc. A lot many more people consider themselves as not the ones with a green thumb, but that’s actually not true. Yes, growing and maintaining plants at your terrace the garden will take some amount of good time in a week but if you plan, select and execute it strategically and carefully, the results will be more than satisfactory. So here with this piece, we are sharing our thoughts and guidelines for planning and designing terrace gardens. There can be a variety of shapes for the terrace garden. Like rectangular, square or oblong shape, but before you start following the steps as follows: Step 1: List down all the plants that you are thinking of having in your garden. Make a pictorial image of those plants by searching the same on the internet. Step 2: Prepare a small list of your must-haves on the terrace. Seating area (on

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